Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This n That

What a week!  SO nice!  Eight days in Oceanside were followed by a 2 day "40-ish SPHS reunion" event.  Yesterday was our 36th wedding anniversary.  Lots to keep us busy during the end of June, that's for sure!

One of the things we did in Oceanside was go thrifting.  My favorite place to visit is Estate Sale Liquidators.  Usually it is packed to the gills, but the owner was on vacation, and they'd just finished a big sale.  Still, I was able to find some treasures.  My favorite is the Bavarian roses bowl. It had two price stickers on it:  $50 and $5.  I paid $5
 When I asked about it, the gal said that they purchased six storage units from a 95 year old antique dealer.  This was part of the liquidation.  I paid $2 for each of the little creamers.  The gold-striped one also had an $18 price tag on it.
 This one cracks me up.  Look at the fish spout.  It has a lot of character!
When we got back, I retrieved two chairs from Quality Upholstery.  The first has been my studio chair for quite a while.  I neglected to take "before" pictures, but here is the after:
 The other is a bedroom chair.  As you might have noticed, neither the Studio nor The Annex has been straightened into submission.  yet.
I've been home for three days, and have spent the time changing lightbulbs, doing laundry, cleaning leaves from the yard (courtesy of the heatwave) and dreaming of the last week in Oceanside.  Yesterday, I paid a visit to my sewing machine.  Another 6" treat is in the works.  This is where I am so far:
If this is a sign of what's on my mind, there will be more ocean quilts in the not-too-distant future.

In other quilt news, I have shipped "By the Sea" to Sacred Threads for the upcoming exhibit.  If you live in the Washington D.C. area, you might want to stop by.  The exhibit runs from July 7-23, 2017.  I had hoped to make it out there this year, but life got in the way.  Maybe in 2019?  Goals are good!

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Franki Kohler said...

Love the fish! Your ability to juggle all that is dizzying! Bravo!