Wednesday, July 12, 2017

More Updated Chairs

I got my last chair back from the upholsterer.  They used the same foam, and fabric I bought from Joann's.  I'm pretty happy with the results.  What do you think?
 Fixing up all of these chairs inspired me to finish a chair that has been stripped and waiting for at least a year.  When in Oceanside, I bought some red (chalk?) paint.  I really like the results, though I got a couple of unwelcome drips on the top coat.  I'm not sure what to do about those.  Sand and coat again?  Like I said, I'm not sure.
 My son got a new puppy.  She was a stray, found on the other side of Tulare.  When he picked her up (no collar, no chip, no response to ads), she was covered with ticks.  After "helping" with the irrigating, she was covered with dirt.  She's yet to be named, but that's Roscoe in the background.  They are both sweethearts, and a lot of fun to watch.
 Here they are, cavorting with my youngest son's wife.  The two of them (son&wife) did the last round of irrigating.  Their newly purchased home (Sept) was just discovered to have serious water damage in the kitchen.  They need to pull out everything, including the subflooring.  The repairs will be pricey, so they're trying to build their savings to fund the repairs.  Welcome to Grownupland.  fun, fun, fun.  (And they're expecting in 2.5 months.  Lots to do, not a lot of time to get it done.)
Quiltwise, I don't have much to share.  Sacred Threads is open now through July 23.  If you are in or near Herndon, VA, I encourage you to see it.  (And then report back to me!  ;)  I do have a quilt hanging in the exhibit.  I had hoped to get there to see it, but life gets in the way.

And I guess that's it.  Until next time...stay cool!

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Sewmuchfun said...

Love the chairs! The dogs look so happy ��