Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Before we moved to the Central Valley, I had no clue what "fog" meant. I thought it was the thing that crept in on little cat feet, the quiet stillness immortalized by Carl Sandburg. I was wrong. It's a deadly silence, that is best faced from inside one's home.

Today is a foggy day school schedule. Most people are familiar with "snow days," we have foggy days. Sometimes it is so bad that school is cancelled. Since my kids are now post-high school, I no longer monitor the TV for updates. But I know that today is a fog-delayed school day (school starts 3 hours later, hoping that the fog lifts) for sure. Since the dense fog advisory is in effect until 11am, and the fog shows no signs of lifting (I was out driving in it at 8am, I just got home), I'm guessing that kids are clustered around their TVs, praying for cancellation. :) It's happened in our household many, many times.

This picture gives you a taste of real fog. This is actually not too bad, since I can still see the house across the street. When I drove, I could see 6 lines in the road. When it's really bad, you struggle to see one or two lines on the road, and you can barely see the house next door. The house across the street cannot be detected.

Anyway, today is a foggy day. I guess that's all I have to say about that.

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Pat Bell said...

Well I wrote a whole paragraph about fog and how drepressing it is but then you have to creat an account and lost all my wonderful comments. Bottom line I feel my spirit draining in the fog will it last as long as the dreary cold cloudy days of Ohio or will the sun come out and the mountains be beautiful How quickly I lose perspective.