Monday, January 28, 2008

I spy!!

Do you see it?!! No, I'm not talking about the tree debris or the snail tracings on the leaves, I'm talking about the first iris bud of 2008. hip, hip, hooray!! Can spring be far behind?

We had a STORM yesterday, hoo-whee!! The newspaper was filled with pictures of trees on cars, trees on houses and trees on the freeway. Stop signs and fences and street signs are snapped or bent at the base. Must have been some wind!!! And to think that I missed it. I was on the road (blowing around in the rain), and got home after the wind had come and gone. Visalia looked like a waste-land movie set. Pretty good for a place that doesn't really get weather, eh? :)

Anyway, this morning I went out back to pull more tree limbs out of the pool and to bail more water so we don't overflow. That's when I turned and spotted the iris. She didn't snap off in the wind, and she's getting ready to bloom. I'm guessing dark purple with a white beard. I'll have my answer in the next day or two. Stay tuned... ;)

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