Monday, August 4, 2008

Floating Away...

This is what I think of when I think of rivers. This is the Kaweah River, up above Three Rivers.

This is my family, actually in a raft, on the upper Kaweah. This picture was taken on June 17, 2005. I am on the left side of the raft, in the orange vest. Yes, this is the infamous trip during which I fell out twice. By this time (what would usually be 3 minutes into the run), I'd already done my double dunk.

This is why it's called white water. It churns so much it turns white. We traveled through several Class V rapids, and I was just about cured.

Earlier this season, we went rafting again. And I KNEW I was cured. No way am I going back into this kind of situation, unless I suddenly regain the strength and stamina of my youth!

On Saturday, we took our church College/Career group floating on the Kings.

Now the Kings is a mighty river. Several people have already drowned in it this summer, and to say I was a bit fearful is probably an understatement. I don't swim overly well, and we did not have life jackets.

Silly me. All of my pre-floating worries evaporated, once I was in my innertube and in the water. You would have to work to drown in this particular portion of river. As long as your flotation device did not pop, you could float along without a care in the world. Which is what we did. For hours. And hours.

We thought we were going to be floating for about 3 hours, but the travel time depends upon the current. On Saturday, the current wasn't very strong. The "rapids" were at most Class I. Or maybe Class Point-Five. ;) We floated, and floated, and floated. Six hours later, we reached our destination and climbed out.

We had nothing to show for the day, except for some sun exposure. All I wanted to do was put my feet up when we got home. When I did, I decided to bring out the camera. I may be a bit pink, but that's nothing compared to our Son-Who-Did-Not-Put-Sunscreen-On-His-Legs. ouchie, Mama, that's GOTTA hurt!!!

So. I may not have done anything on my "to do" list, but I certainly learned how to relax!!!

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