Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Party

In an earlier post, I indicated that we were headed to my hometown of Escondido, to help my dad celebrate his 80th birthday. We did so in style. big smile. We reserved a private room at Fleming's steakhouse in La Jolla, and the happiness radiating from the birthday boy was, well, radiant.

His name is Henry Johnson, although he goes by Pete. Johnny dubbed him "Henry the 80th."

Here are the Johnson "kids." Ginny, Suzie, Carla, Tom, Wendy. Birth order - want to guess? - is 4, 1, 3, 5, 2. I am actually taller than the other girls, by at least 2-3", but since I wear flats, well, I accentuate my "depth," not my height.

Here is the entire clan. The only ones missing - oh, how we missed you! - were Tom's wife and two daughters.
Back row: Pete K, Andrew K, Jeff & Allison Chang, Daniel K, Adam K, Angela, Henry the 80th, Johnny (Wendy's beau), Mark (Carla's beau)
Seated: Suzanne K., Virginia, Carla, Wendy, Tom

Wow. Will we ever all be together again? I have no way of knowing. But the evening was simply delightful, and I cannot think of a thing I would have changed to improve it. God is good!!!

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