Wednesday, August 20, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

Can you stand one more cat post?

This has been an emotionally traumatic experience for us, all the way around. I keep reminding myself, "They're just cats!!" They may be cats, but they've burrowed into our hearts and are part of the family. It is good to be reunited.

Here's a picture of Charlie, as he was waiting for Edgar's return. He didn't know Edgar was coming back. He's a snuggler, and doesn't much care for sleeping on his own...

Yeah, that cat looks like a stray, doesn't he?

Anyway, once Edgar was back, and the kitties got over their hesitant reunion, they started tearing up the house. It was time to kick them out. What was the first thing they did? Why go to their tree, of course!

Edgar's tree-climbing motto is "The Higher The Better."

Finally, the bounding from limb to limb gets a bit exhausting. Time for a breather.

This is definitely their favorite tree. Rather than call them out of it, hey, you might as well join in the fun!

This morning I took them to the vet, to get microchips embedded between their shoulder blades. Should they ever get picked up, HOPEFULLY someone will think to scan them, to see if they've been chipped. I never thought I'd have to worry about things like this, but what did I know?

Here they are, with their plastic tags, identifying them as chipped cats. The tags lasted about an hour. They drove the kitties nuts. Perhaps I'll put them back on their collars when they get bigger, but for now? They pose a hazard. (Could you just picture the kitties trying to remove the tags while in the tree top? yep. Not a good idea.)

That's all for now. They are outside, and hopefully they are safe. But in this day and age? You never know...

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Jan Krentz said...

Hi Suzie,

I am so happy your kitties are home safe & sound & FRISKY! (Hey, that sounds like a CAT FOOD NAME, doesn't it??)

Would you be so kind to add my blog address to your links?

Happy Stitching! Jan Krentz