Monday, October 6, 2008

Ain't it good to be back home again?

Well, I'm back from our church Ladies' Retreat. yay! I had a lovely time, walking in the mountains, enjoying the rain and developing new relationships. But when all is said and done? I LOVE being home. I actually prefer it.

This is a picture, taken from the bridge right outside my room. If you click on it, you'll see a bigger version. It reminded me of a prize-winning quilt I've seen, although when I called up the quilt, it is much different than my photo. The quilt I'm thinking of is "Into His Light" by Patricia Pepe. hmmm. Here is my photo.

This next picture was taken along a path, as I was trying to get in position to take pictures of my friends as they were paddle-boating along the stream.

Finally, I thought these tree trunks were really interesting. (try to ignore the one in the background.) Yes, I thought, "ooh! Art quilt material!" See, I'm getting adventurous! ;)

I'll be returning to this same camp at the end of the month, for their weekend quilt retreat. I went last year, and it was an enjoyable, peaceful, productive experience. I'm looking forward to going again this year. I can tell you that they have a new chef and he doesn't serve ordinary camp food. I'll be going for the food, as well as the fun and fellowship and quilting.

Well, I just wanted to let you know that I'm back. I haven't quilted for several days: I'm still painting and trying to uncover my sewing table. But I have two quilted gifts that need to be given on Friday and Sunday, so stay tuned. There should be pictures later this week.

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