Friday, October 3, 2008

Gone Retreating

No pictures today, although I do have another wall and 1/2 painted in the bedroom. That feels good: only 1 and 1/2 walls to go. Maybe I'll take pictures when it's all finished and put back together again.

Instead, I've been packing my bags and I'm ready to go...retreating.

Our church is sponsoring a "Ladies Retreat," and for the first time, I will be joining them. It looks like a fun and restful (almost) 48 hours. I've been to Hartland once before, and found it to be quite refreshing. (I typed "quilt" rather than "quite." I tend to do that. The last time I went was for a quilt retreat. I'm going again at the end of the month.)

Tomorrow evening I'll be giving a trunk show. I've brought the bulk of my "faith quilts," and will probably give the ladies more insight as to their inspiration than I normally do when I give a trunk show. Ordinarily I let the quilts speak for themselves, unless I'm asked specific questions.

I am very glad that the two quilts I'd sent to the Northwest Quilting Expo came back yesterday. They are packed and ready to go. They came back with "participant" ribbons. No surprise there. When I made the decision to enter them, it was with the intent that they speak to viewers and nothing more. Hopefully at least one of those quilts touched at least one viewer. If it did, I am most satisfied. (Isaiah 55:11)

When I get back, it will be time to wrap up "Cascading Crystal Kaweah" and ship it up to Pacific International. I'm curious to see what West Coast judges have to say about it. This will be its second show, so I'm still up in the air as to how good it really is. (I think it's quite good, but I am VERY biased. ;)

So. I'm off to the mountains and praying for cool weather. The weatherman says "rain and possible snow." Snow? Snow?!!! There'd better not be snow! It's only October 3, I am driving, and I do NOT have snow tires.

I can't wait to see what the weekend brings. Hope yours is stellar!

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