Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Paint, New Collars

Sorry folks, no fabric pictures to post. I haven't been doing much in the sewing cave other than ironing shirts. (That's my house rule: iron the laundry before ironing fabric. Because the fabric sirens are always calling, calling, I rarely have laundry that needs ironing.)

Instead of creating in cloth, I've been painting. I haven't done much yet, mostly it's been prep work. I do wish I'd taken a "before" picture, because the after of the wall that I painted looks SO amazingly different.

Here's the finished wall:

The white spots are reflections - I didn't notice them in the camera, they're not in the paint.

This is the wall to the left of the window:

These aren't reflections, they're spots of spackle.

Here's where the two walls meet. Yes, I can see the difference! (viva la difference!)

And these are the other two walls waiting for attention.

Did you notice the ceiling? It's WAY up there. I should probably paint it too, but the idea is not at all tempting.

It looks like they're going to be waiting longer than I'd planned, but I've got a lot on my plate this week.

Along with the walls, the kitties also needed sprucing. They've outgrown their collars, so I picked up some new ones. Hold still boys, while I take your picture.

There, this will get their attention. arg! They're holding still, but Blogger wiggled. sigh.

Finally, here's one last shot. Charlie is outgrowing Edgar these days, and there's not much Edgar can do about it. Pete says that Edgar should have known better. He (Edgar) was always the aggressor when we first got them. Now that Charlie's bigger, he's the one who's always picking fights.

It's almost like having the kiddies here, only not. The nest is empty, and I'm going into withdrawals. I think I'd better go sew something. I'm pretty sure you're getting tired of pictures of cats...

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sandy223 said...

I hope you don't mind but my friend scanned these pictures from your lovely book and sent them to me by email. He had to show me what he was talking about to help explain the idea of painting on cats. When I saw them I was so delighted I rushed out and bought the book. I love it so much I thought perhaps you could put these pictures up on your site for others to see. Is there going to be book 2 please!
sandy romeo

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