Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Taking a Sewing Break

After being away for a few days, the work that needed to be done around here began to stack up. It always does, doncha know? ;) The bedroom is still half-painted, and I just realized that I never finished cleaning and papering the last few cupboards in the kitchen. Folks, that remodel was back in July. My biggest problem is that when I've seen a mess for too long, I stop seeing it. I HAVE to remember to look around here with new eyes - to see the mess as others see it - and yikes! There is much to do.

But deadlines have arrived, so I took the day off to spend in the sewing room. Item #1 was to box and ship "Cascading Crystal Kaweah" to Pacific International. Consider it done. whew!

I covered another journal, and am quite pleased with the results.

I have a lunch date with a friend tomorrow - friend, if you are reading the blog, cover your eyes! I needed to make her a card. Mark another item off the list.

Finally, we've been invited to the final adoption hearing on Friday for Relli Mitchell. The invitation included a cute picture of little Relli, and I thought it would be appropriate to "immortalize" her in fabric.

I am really enjoying our new printer and the quality transfers that it does onto Printed Treasures sheets. I love these front-opening shadow boxes. They are perfect for transforming little quilts into works of art. (I get the boxes at Michael's, usually at 40% off.)

Oh, and hey Charlotte! See that sea foam? It's cheesecloth!!! I cut a 1" strip of cheesecloth which I rolled in a 2" strip of tule. I then stitched it down with some free-motion foamy stitching. It almost looks like lace, but now you all know better.

And hey, there's one more to come. I haven't transferred the photo yet, but I need to give the gift on Sunday so there will be another post some time soon. Happy quilting!!!

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