Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Step

Ready or not, March is here. The time to complete your February has passed. Did you get it done? I did. But I already told you that a few weeks ago. Big Smile.

What I would really like to put down for my March Step would be to finish quilting this quilt or that quilt. But that's not going to happen. Next week, (March 8-13), I head to Asilomar, and after that, I expect the quilt show to take up even more of my time. It's already eating up the hours in my day.

So, instead of a lofty goal of finishing the quilting on a quilt, my goal, my March Step, is to sew this center medallion for this tropical quilt.

I'm not sure where I'm going to go with it, but it's been on my design wall for far too long. It's time to pin the Hoffman Challenge fabric (groan) in its place and start thinking Hoffman. If I take this down and put it in a box, it will go back to "out of sight, out of mind." Instead, I'd like it to go into "another step closer to finished" pile. yep. Goals are good.

Yesterday I was off to participate in a calf-branding session. I hope to resize some pictures and post them some time in the near future. Stay tuned for that...

And don't forget to 1) let me know if you finished your February Step; and 2) identify your March Step ASAP.

Pat, you can reassign your February Step as your March Step without penalty. :) The main goal is to keep moving forward, a little bit at a time. Happy Stepping!!


quiltedtime said...

Done with February step, Suzanne. For
March, I will attach the half-star units to the outside of the quilt. (It has an intentionally irregular border.)



pb said...

Okay I threw in the towel on February but the lone star now has trapizods well almost. So March goals are this to finish quilting 2008 Christmas gifts and finish the top and back of the huge lone star. Never again. Since I will be off for two weeks with knee surgery I am wondering if I should add the putting of the circles on my circle quilt. I think I will add that. So that is the list of goals for March.

pb said...

I love the colors and idea in the tropical quilt. What is the medillion part?