Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trading Places

Another son has come and gone. zoom! zoom! He was in and out so quickly, it's a good thing I didn't blink. I would have missed him.

Actually, he stayed longer than his brother.

But, there are places to go and people to meet, and there's just so much you can do at home with mom. Mom is pretty happy that she made "the list." :) I could have not made the list, then I'd really be pouting!

Adam is my joy boy, and he always seems to be in a good mood. or asleep. ;)

Here he is, sitting in my sewing room, modeling his "Dodgeball Jesus" t-shirt. I specifically asked for a picture. He's active in College Life up at Davis, and the guys put together a dodgeball team. (And no, this dodgeball is NOT like the dodgeball we played in elementary school back in the 60's. It's a tad more aggressive...)

I think they just wanted the opposition to know Who is on their side. ;)

You may have noticed the mustache. yeah. November was dubbed "Novembeard," and "they" all grew beards. March is now "Mustache March." Adam always likes to participate, with gusto. Is it me? Or does he remind you of Rick Simon from the 80's show Simon & Simon?

You also may have noticed that he's sitting in my cute little red car. I know, many of you would argue that point. An Expedition is not a "little" car. But it is little compared to the alternative. Adam drove away in my car, leaving me with the alternative...

yep. Check out this beauty. In the 90's, it was my dream vehicle. I could seat all the kids without their touching one another. Not only could I haul them, but I could also fit their friends and haul all of their stuff as well.

Why did we trade? Why to haul stuff, of course!! This is my new vehicle, and I am so thankful to have it. I might just be able to get ALL of the stuff out of my garage and over to the quilt show premises in one load. or two. It will definitely be fewer loads than it would have been, had I only my little red car to work with.

And yes, my garage is still bea-u-ti-ful and pristine...but I can't get the van in because some of the boxes on the top shelf overhang. oh well. It was fun to park in it while I could...

P.S. ding dong!!! It's FedEx. The first quilt for the show was just delivered!! ohmygoodness, we're having a quilt show!!!!

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