Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Antidote

Wow. I followed yesterday's creepisode with the spider with some Hoffman time. ugh. I'm not enjoying working with those blah colors, no matter how much I might like my design.

I started straightening my sewing room mess a bit, then gave in to temptation. I still had some Color Run strips left, and I couldn't just leave them alone. Here's one view.

That doesn't show you enough color. Here's a second view...I think there are enough strips here to make a lap quilt. Yep. I think I might spend more time on these, which isn't getting any of the things that I SHOULD be doing done...

One of the things I SHOULD be doing is working on my May Step. Are you working on yours? How are they coming along? Is anyone making progress? Or finished? I hope so. We've still got a dozen days to work. Let's not totally "waste" them... :)

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quiltedtime said...


My applique stems (my May step) is going great. I've been taking it to work with me and stitching during my lunch break. Productive and relaxing.