Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun and More Messes

Yesterday I left my mess and headed out to see the Itty Bitties.

Instead of meeting at T Towne, as we usually do, we met at Leslie's. She's recently finished a remodel, in which they added a second story to their house. Wow. I want one. :)

Here are a few shots of her new second floor. Look at all this space!!!

The French door in the background leads to her new sewing room. How wonderful!!!

Another wonderful thing was sharing more of our friend's stash. Here they are, going through the bins. I came with 7, I left with 6. Yay for progress! :)

I'm also ready to part with my hand-quilting stencils. It's been years since I've used them, and since I haven't taught a hand-quilting class in more than 2 years, I don't need them for that either. (I used to give my students their choice of quilting patterns. But no students means no need for stencils, right?)

As I work indoors, to get organized, outdoors we were given a challenge. A wild and woolly wind and electrical storm blew through last night with gusto. It came with almost no rain. I'm sure there were not enough drops to even register on a rain gauge, but the wind was a different story.

Our pool is usually spotless. I've pulled one branch out of it, it's behind the slide. There's a second branch on the dirt, beneath the frond from one of the palm trees.

These branches fell from the neighbor's tree, blocking the side door to the house.

Dead needles from the Sequoia tree litter the driveway. I wondered what the drag marks were from...

Ahh. Pete was up early. I'm guess this branch (sticking out of the bin) caught his attention this morning.

Here is the pile of the major branches from the back yard. They all came from the neighbor's trees. Do you suppose they'll repossess them and dispose of them for us? It doesn't hurt to ask...

If you haven't guessed today's agenda, it's cleaning messes, inside and out. See ya!

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