Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hip 'n With It?

Pete and I have a ministry to the "kids" at our church who are out of high school but not yet thirty. We've called it "College/Career Fellowship," but are searching for a new name. We get together and have fun, in addition to our weekly Bible study.

Last Sunday, we went to the all-church picnic. Afterwards we went to Cold Stone for some ice creamery. yum. yum.

The night before, a few of the girls had a going away party for one of our most loyal attendees. She left on Friday, for a year of teaching English in Korea.

Our hostess was determined to get us all out on the floor, playing twister. It's not an activity I would have chosen, but hey, we aim to please, right? Even if we're not hip 'n with it, we pretend that we are.

First we had some dinner. I may not remember this accurately, but I think Pete is telling the group that if he and I went head to head in Twister, he would emerge the victor.

That meant putting his money where his mouth is, and using his head and shoulders to tip the opposition. Tim-ber!!!

I think that was a Physics lesson in action. When the center of gravity is too high, the loser hits the floor. And stays there.

The winner played air guitar and danced a happy dance, much to the amusement of the audience.

I know. I probably shouldn't have posted the pictures. I'm guessing you wouldn't have posted the pictures. But hey, it's reality. It's what we do...

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