Saturday, May 23, 2009

Imelda? With Baskets?

I got up too early this morning. How am I to fill a Saturday that begins before 5:30am? I'm slogging through it, there's not enough coffee. Allergies are present, and the battling crows were certainly annoying. Without that combination, I would probably still be sleeping. :)

A girl can dream.

Anyway, instead of sleeping, I've been moving more clutter from the sewing room to the "spare" room. Ha. It's now the Sewing Annex. But I'm starting to see something in more than one place, that is not a positive contributor to organization. It is something fantastic, in that the "something" sets my heart going pitter pat. It is not so fantastic, in that storage of the something seems to be something I need to deal with.

I think I may have an Imelda Marcos problem. With handmade baskets.

The baskets on the bed are empty. The basket beside the bed holds tins with pre-cut squares, ranging in size from 1.5" to 4".

The basket in the back holds tins of buttons. The one in the front has my hand-quilting thread. Hmm. I seem to have a few spools too many for hand quilting.

These baskets in the closet are empty. The one on the floor beneath the director's chair has my mom's smocking supplies. (I don't smock.) Oh. That quilt needs to be stored better, doesn't it?!!

I've been filling this basket with "rejects," things that I no longer want or need. I'll be taking them to guild, when they'll let me, to give them away...

The basket with the lid (not handmade) usually holds my acid-free paper (currently on top of the stack) and large plastic bags good for returning quilts or shipping. The one next to it has all of my machine basting supplies (pins, clamps, masking tape, etc.)

Oh look. I spy. I'm not even sure what those baskets hold. They look full of something. Maybe knitting? I'll find out some time this week.

In the meantime, it looks like hubby is ready to leave town. My mess is too much for him.


Lisa Ellis said...

Is that a basket on your husband's head?? Thanks for the chuckle.

Jan Krentz said...

Hi Suzie,
I loved seeing Pete on the cow! hey, how is the great move coming along??

quiltedtime said...

I wouldn't worry about Pete getting too far. Cows are notoriously uncooperative...the term "bull-headed" comes to mind. I'm thinking that Pete might be found beside the road dusting off his britches before long :-).