Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's Hard to Tell

sigh. I cleaned yesterday, and I cleaned today. I swept and organized. I straightened and threw away. I culled. I sewed. I moved forward. But it's hard to tell.

I guess the best gauge is looking at the Sewing Annex. It's getting full.

If you look in the sewing room, you don't see much change. I see a difference. I see carpet. And I see a table top where once there was a machine.

I see more carpet, both in and out of the closet. But I also still see an overwhelming mess. sigh.

We worked for hours outside. The branches are gone, and the sticks and leaves are mostly gone, but the pool is still full of debris. The pool sweep keeps clogging with all of the branches and palm fronds it picks up from the pool's floor. It will take at least 3-4 more hours to get it truly clean.

At least the pile of branches are gone from the driveway. Dr. Pete has taken them away. All that is left are his boots...

yup. That's what we've been up to.

Tomorrow is the last day of May. How are you doing on your May Step? I'm a terrible leader. I'm not going to get this one done either. I've actually made a considerable amount of progress, and one of these days I'll kick it into gear and get it finished. But not today.

According to my notes, which are mental, and are likely inaccurate, I've got Kay, Kristin, Pat and Elaine down as finishing (or being very close to finishing) their May Step. Am I correct? You've got...32 hours...and counting.

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pb said...

done! Big circles are easier than little ones found out the hard way. If I ever do circles again I wlll make them in blocks and then sew them in instead of making the background then the circles. On my June steps I commit to making 2 birthday cards for July Birthdays that I will take with me to Ohio. I want to make them about 11x14 so not really cards but art quilts.