Friday, May 1, 2009

Just a Quickie

Wow. I was supposed to skeddaddle about 3 hours ago, but I'm still here. I may as well take a minute to post before hauling my way up the mountain. I'm not thrilled about that right now. I ran a few errands and heard the brakes squeal. That's never good, especially when headed to the mountains.

Also, the weatherman says "Sierra Storm Watch." Doesn't that mean snow? I'm not driving in snow, even if I have chains. I may make it as far as Oakhurst and then call for a cab. Or not. We'll see.

I finished the quilt-for-hire, and I've halfway delivered it. I've left it at the quilt store, and the owner will pick it up when she returns to town. I thought you might like to see some of the quilting on the back.

Here are the gingko leaves:

And here are the pseudo-chrysanthemums in the border:

I didn't finish my April Step - boo hoo - but I did get to the point of quilting. I'm now looking for a green/brown variegated thread. Good luck with that, eh? ;)

I thought you might like to see the photo the piece was based on. Obviously I still need to add some rocks and flowers...

Finally, here is my May Step. I'd like to finish the hand-quilting on this project.

I realized that I've had this in my "active" mental list, but I haven't touched it in 6 months. I drafted the quilt in October 2007, pieced and appliqued it the same month, and did the stenciling shortly thereafter. I had several false-starts with the stenciling, but I'm pretty sure the quilt has been in the quilting stage for at least a year. And there's no way it's got a year's worth of quilting in it. It shouldn't have taken more than a month or 6 weeks at the most.

Since it's May 1, that means I have ALL MONTH to work on it. And I'll start today, if I ever get to my destination. Maybe I'll end up snowed in and get it finished sooner rather than later. ha! I hope not! I'm not eager to experience a May snowstorm.

But I am eager to see the mountains, and I'm guessing I'll be posting pictures on Monday...unless the weather does not cooperate.

Have a great weekend!!

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quiltedtime said...

Hmmmm.... On your May quilt, I see some lettering. What does it say, and how was the lettering accomplished. Looks very pretty.