Saturday, May 2, 2009

No Pictures

I'm sitting here with Pete's hijacked laptop, watching the rain pour from the sky. Rain, rain, rain. It's been raining steadily since 3pm yesterday, and shows absolutely no signs of stopping. sigh. The giant trees across the road are barely visible, poof! they just disappeared as the rain kicked it up a notch. Again.

I have been doing some hand-quilting, and have finished the quilting on another background block of my May Step. That leaves only one to finish. And the borders. And the interior applique. But the quilting is progressing: my hands are tired and my eyes are burning.

I have no excuses not to be quilting right now. I can't take a walk (my umbrella is in my car in Davis and the sole of my new shoes broke in half). I don't feel like watching TV. I might read a book for a bit, or even take a nap...but what I really should be doing is quilting.

yep. Y'all are helping me procrastinate on this one. ;) Not really. It's not your fault. I'll get back to it soon. I promise.

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