Monday, May 25, 2009

On the Wall

I thought you might be interested to see what I've got on the walls right now. They'll probably be the last things to come down, when I get ready to paint. We'll do a clock-wise spin around the room.

First, we've got the doorway. I made the rafting quilt in a Joyce Becker class. It was one of my few forays into wonder-under, which I did not enjoy. I prefer hand applique.
Beneath the rafting quilt is a cross-stitched picture that my mom found at Goodwill for $1. She said she thought of me when she saw it. She gave it to me a couple of months before she died. I've stuck some photographs of my nieces and my siblings in the frame. It may not look like much to you, but it reminds me of extended family.

Above the door frame is a triptych that I bought from the Ricky Tims Studio. It needs a close-up of its own.

It doesn't photograph too well, but this is "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" by Sharon Schlotzhauer of Colorado Springs. Her artist's statement says, "The theme 'Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,' first brought to mind the scripture, Hebrews 8:13 which speaks of Christ being the same yesterday today and forever (tomorrow). I was compelled to translate it into a triptych." When I saw the quilt online in 2007, I bought it as a birthday present for myself. (I love faith quilts, and I personally know the artist.)

Oh, will you look at that?!! As you rotate slightly, you see another Sharon Schlotzhauer original. This one was not purchased, it was a gift. It is called, "Suzie's Irises," and her ink artwork was based on one of my photographs. The verses behind the irises are Lamentations 3:22-24. Above the closet is a name plaque that belonged to my grandfather. I think he kept it in his studio. (He was an oil painter, a mechanical engineer, and an inventor.)

Next we have the view from my sewing table.

A slight clockwise rotation shows part of my design wall. I was encouraged to hang some of my ribbons, but I'm not sure they'll stay up after the storage gets here. They're not that integral to the ambiance of the room. ;)

Here's the remainder of the design wall. wow. Talk about a catch-all. There are photographs and drawings and bits and pieces of projects on it, so I guess it's being used for its intended purpose. But for the most part, those scraps of paper contain various verses that have been brought to my attention for one reason or another. I've culled through them multiple times, these are what remains. Maybe I should use one of my empty journals to create a collage book like so many artist/art quilters have been doing. Hey, you know what? That might not be such a bad idea...

I've spared you yet another view of my cabinet full of fabric. As you rotate past it, this is what you see. It's another collection of goodies.

"Think Before You Speak" on the left is one of my faith quilts.

The little quilts to the right are: A pineapple quilt by Charlotte Rogers of Hanford, CA; a quilted postcard (black) by Sharon Schlotzhauer; a quilted postcard (green) by Wendy Van Beek of Tipton, CA; an art quilt by Phyllis Cullen of Chico, CA (purchased from the SAQA backwards auction, the name isn't on the label!);
second row: Flower pot quilted card by Wendy Van Beek; below it is "Joy Cometh in the Morning" by GM Blank of Calgary (again purchased from the SAQA backwards auction); a poster of the CA Sesquicentennial quilt; a quilted postcard from Sharon Schlotzhauer; and a quilted postcard by Lynn Drennen of Lindsay, CA.

whew! I think if you click on any of the pictures, they will embiggen. ;)

My plan for today was to clean the sewing room until noon, and then begin to sew. hahaha! I spent the first hour of that plan posting pictures on this blog. Shame on me!!

But, an hour should be plenty of time to clear off the sewing table so I can see some action this afternoon.

I guess that's about it, other than to say a heartfelt, "Thank you!" to those of you who have served in the military. I appreciate your service.

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