Friday, May 15, 2009

Playing With Color

I was asked what I was doing with those strips from a previous post. I'm playing with them, doncha know? May as well strip the strips, right? I've got the first 4 strips together, 9 more to go. It's time for a lunch break and maybe some cleaning.

I realize that the quilt is nothing spectacular, but it certainly is happy, cheery, quick, and fun!

And in case you thought I tossed out the scrappies? No, I didn't. This little piece of piecework measures 8.25" x 12.5"...It's going to be a playground for experimentation...eventually.

But for now? Scraps are being made into tops large and small, and one little UFO bin is almost empty. Quilt on!!


pb said...

you are one amazing woman

Jan Krentz said...

Love the bright free look of these projects, Suzie! I am just now home from quilt Market, and it was interesting!