Monday, May 25, 2009

Setting Goals

I continue to work to move the contents of my sewing room to the new Sewing Annex. Progress is slow, very slow. I tend to stand in the middle of the room, a bit overwhelmed. What should I move next? I've already moved a few things this morning, but I thought I'd show you my progress so far.

Should I begin with what I've moved? In the Annex are some of my photographs (top of bookshelf), a sewing machine (floor in front of bookshelf), stuff to give away (on chair), projects "in progress" (trapunto & handquilting), and two covered baskets, stuffed with batting.

We've already talked about these bins and empty baskets. A few more have been added to the pile.

We've talked about these as well, and again, a few more have been added to the pile. I should probably mention that none of this stuff came out of the closet. It was all loose in the room.

Back in the sewing room, this is what you see when you stand in the doorway. wow. The only change is that we now have visible carpet under the ironing board.

With my back to the ironing board, I see this:

And from the other angle, I see this. The noticeable improvement is that you can now fully open the door. All junk behind it has been relocated.

On a different note, last night we had a drive-by visit from some airsofters. Adam & Co. stopped for dinner, on their way from Hesperia (So Cal high desert) to Davis. It's his room that has become the Sewing Annex. He was surprised, to say the least.

Can you guess which one is the Kistler?

I'll give you a hint. These fellows are: Dave, Nick, Allen, Adam & Jeff.

And with that, I'll publish this post, but I've got one more.

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quiltedtime said...

This doesn't make me feel sooooo bad. I've given up working in my sewing room for the time being. I have a 48 X 48 applique guide
precisely placed on the big table in the center of the room, and it's staying right there until I get the applique finished. Meanwhile, I've moved my sewing machine into its summer sewing space--the dining room table. It's in a beautifully lighted corner at the front of the house, and that is where I spend much of my school holiday. Just one more week, and school is out!