Monday, May 18, 2009

When I say it's "big," it's BIG

I'm still shuddering, but my face has finally relaxed from its contortions.

I am SO glad that I went out the sliding door (or did I?) to empty the garbage. As I was coming in the side door, I spotted this:

I'm pretty sure you can see how big this nasty black widow is - she didn't need any exaggeration or magnification on my part. I steered a wide berth, going back in through the slider (now I'm thinking I'd walked right by her - barefoot - without even noticing the first time), to get a shoe. Yes, that's my usual treatment for black widows: I give them the shoe. Shovels are usually bent, and don't get the job done as well as a nice flat flexible surface.


dispose of body.

As I walked back towards the house, I could feel my face making awful contortions. I wonder what I look like? ugh. yes. This is the face of pure repulsion.

Pay no attention to that extra chin. It will be gone in a while. It's the combination of last night's visit to Cold Stone Creamery, a bad camera angle, and a physical recoil that can not be artificially duplicated...

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pb said...

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