Friday, May 8, 2009

Yard Work, etc.

I've been busy, but I haven't been quilting. My brain is THINKING about quilting, but my body is doing other things. This morning it sat at the car dealer while the oil was changed and the tires were rotated. I read 2 issues of Country Living, and am now caught up to March. yeah.

Yesterday I took a third load from my garage to the BOTV mini-storage. Funny. It seems like a lot of stuff when it's in my garage. It doesn't seem like much when it's in storage. Oh wait. This isn't everything. But it's everything that made my garage unfit for my car. (Get it? Un-fit? haha I crack myself up.) Now stop groaning! ;)

While at the dealer, my phone rang. It was my hubby. Interesting. He said that tomorrow he's going to be doing a lot of yard work. Again. He thinks he wants to spread humus. And here's a first, "Is there anything you'd like done in the yard?" Areyoukiddingme?!!! ABSOLUTELY!!

I've got this space in front of my sewing room window. Last fall we cleared it out, removing the lollipop bushes. (I say "we." Adam did the hard labor.) I've had visions of planting a Japanese Maple and adding stepping stones and flower borders. When I offered that, he asked where he should get a Japanese Maple. Be still my heart! "How about if I get it?" "GREAT!" Great? GREAT!

Give me a green light and I'm not going to stop. I picked up this little beauty on the way home from the car dealer.

I've since cleared all the weeds from the area, and now I'm off to find some stepping stones. Wow. Will he really do this? I am amazed! You've seen the before, I can't wait for the after!

While I was pulling weeds, I heard some birds in a bit of a tiff. This little guy took on two hawks. Were they after his kids? I have no idea, but he finally ran them off. Fascinating.

Oh. And while I was weed-pulling, I thought of the perfect use for the extra strips from my "Color Went to Tahiti" quilt. I've been toying with this idea for a while, and now seems the perfect time to just jump in and do some brainless sewing. But first I'd better get those stepping stones, lest I miss the opportunity to have the front area beautified.

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