Friday, January 29, 2010

I Promised Pictures...

Sorry I'm so late on posting. I've been doing the run-around, doncha know?

But the backyard is DONE, and it's BEAUTIFUL!!!

Here are some more before/during/after shots...

Southside of the yard before:

Southside during:

And southside after:

Many of the plants around the relocated sago are 1 gallon size. They should grow to a lush 2' diameter, filling the space with a lot of interest. There are two Rose of Sharon plants to either side of the sago, that will grow and add a LOT of height rather quickly. I look forward to that!

Next is the westside of the yard before:


and after:Isn't it so much better?!!!

Now to tackle the front yard.

I've got all kinds of bulbs that are popping up flowers here and there. These crocuses decided that now is the perfect time to bloom...

Those of you who like cat pictures might enjoy this shot of Charlie. He decided that my priority should be loving him, NOT focusing on the computer. My camera was right at my elbow. Is that a look of pure contentment or what?

Finally, lest you think that I am no longer quilting, I made this little birthday card on Wednesday. It measures 7" x 5". The leaves and flower center are steam-a-seamed in place (they were made from scraps from a project), the petals are raw-edge applique.

It was a gift for Gwen, seen here in Panera yesterday afternoon...

Today I've got a few errands to run, and then I've got 4 baby quilts and a wallhanging to baste. Tomorrow I'm off to the Bakersfield Quilt Show. Should be fun!! 'Til then...stay busy!!! :)


Barbara said...

Great backyard transformation.

Love the birthday card for your friend - very cheery.

Deborah said...

Your backyard looks great! Beautiful little birthday quilt!

Tanya said...

Charlie looks like he's smiling! "Love me mom!"