Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Visited the Vendors

I wish I could figure out Blogger. Sometimes the photos load perfectly. Sometimes they do not. Tonight was one of those times when most of my pictures ended up wacky. Now I'm growly. And I had a perfectly equitable day too...In fact, I had a most excellent day, thankyouverymuch.

I went here: the quilt show sponsored by the Cotton Patch Quilt Guild of Bakersfield, CA.

I had every intention of taking pictures, really I did, but I got distracted. There were so many beautiful quilts to see and so many vendors to visit, I just dragged my camera around with me for the exercise. I didn't take a single picture inside the show. oh well.

But I did go shopping.

I visited my favorite yarn vendor and asked her what I could make with this that I would finish. Can you believe everyone in her booth laughed at me? I was serious. ;) I already have 2 knitting projects in various stages of completion. I don't need a third. But I couldn't leave this rayon there, it was TALKING to me.

These little packets were also giving me an earful, so they also came home with me.

My favorite book vendor was there, so I bought a bit of reading material.

Okay, so it was more than a bit...

And Janet Farris was there, with her beautiful hand-sculpted jewelry. I bought these flower beads. Don't ask me what I'm going to do with them. They were talking to me!!! ;)

The last "booth" I visited was "Country Store." I guess it's a clean your closet booth sponsored by the guild? There were all kinds of abandoned craft materials behind the drapes. I chose these two bargains. On the left we have some yellow virgin wool for crewel. (I have a piece of crewel work that I did years- decades - ago. Moths ate some of the yellow. I'm hoping this will be enough to replace it. For 5 cents, it was worth chancing it.)

And who doesn't need a bag full of jingle bells? You never know. They always seem to come in handy. And they usually cost $1 for 6, not 75 cents for dozens.

And that's all I have for you from the show. The quilts were WONDERFUL. Bakersfield has some VERY talented quilters! Congratulations to all of my friends who found those lovely rosettes and ribbons hanging on their quilts. Awesome!!


Deborah said...

It sounds like you had a great time! It's always good to listen when things are talking to you. I have more regrets over when I didn't listen than when I did.

Barbara said...

So inanimate items are talking to you now? They have doctors to help you with that you know. :) I shouldn't laugh - I have bought fabric that just kept calling my name.