Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Transformation

For the past week, our backyard has been undergoing a serious transformation.

We've lived in this house for 15.5 years, and have not done much with it other than pull out what had been planted when we moved in. My husband and I do not see eye to eye when it comes to landscaping. That's putting it mildly. While I love things lush and exploding with color, he prefers nice and orderly. Extremely orderly. He does not like plants that "explode" in any way.

And so, for 15 years, I've watched him remove plants that require attention and replace them with...basically nothing. I've attempted to add color by planting bulbs that "mysteriously" sprout in the Springtime, and seeds that produce flowers if they're not hit by Round-up.

This year, I've decided it's my turn.

Actually, I gave him a heads up last year - I told him I was dreaming of hiring a professional landscaper to do the backyard. He thought I meant for him to do it. I did not. I most definitely did not.

Well, he finally agreed that the backyard had gotten to the point where it was devaluing the house. (And in these economic times, that's surely saying something!!) The landscaper drew up plans to my specifications, and his crew has been implementing them since last Wednesday.

Every day has been a great and glorious improvement. Today they are laying sod.

I have LOTS of before and after pictures, I'll break them down into more than one post. Here are today's treats:

First, we had this 2-headed sago palm in the front yard. I've always considered it an eyesore. It has now been relocated to the back, where it looks SO much better. You would be amazed by how small the root ball is. How does that thing stand up? It must have a VERY low center of gravity!!!

This is the "before" of the eastside of the yard:

Here is the "after":

Here is the "before" of the corner with the slide and pool filter:

Here is the "after":

The landscaper assures me that the plants may be small, but within two years they will grow up lush and green. I can hardly wait!!!

And while the crew has been busy outside, I've been inside working on the quilt show. And I've taken some time to piece some baby quilts. I hope to have pictures some time soon.

Stay tuned until tomorrow, when I'll have more transformation pictures...

P.S. We've converted the backyard from sprinklers to a drip system. Not only are we now looking good, we're also conserving even more water! yay!


Lisa Ellis said...

Wow. It looks beautiful.

pb said...

This is a cool thing your yard. Lots of green just like the fabric in your stash.

Diane said...

Yay! Good for you to take the landscaping into your own hands and get some lushness going on! My H and I have a similarly different ideas. When we moved into our house the backyard was an expanse of dirt, no plantings whatsoever. His idea was all lawn, and then fence. No plantings. I got to work and now, some years later, we have lush plantings (ie, can't see the fence!) and he's always marvling at how great it looks. As if it was ACCIDENTAL. Hah.

So, good for you!