Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Bit of Stitching...

In between my daily run-around, I've had a few minutes to sit and stitch. I'll share this birthday card, just to share something. I'm putting it in the mail today, and am pretty sure that the recipient is too busy to check my blog. You don't have to remind me what happens when I assume...

I made the card last week, when I made Gwen's card. The tree is leftover steam-a-seam scraps from a project I worked on last year. The card was on my wall as "finished," but I thought it needed something more. One of Janet Farris's little polymer clay flowers from the Bakersfield show was just the thing. Now it is done, and ready to mail. I think I like it. :)

This is one of the baby quilts I basted on Monday. I finished it completely on Tuesday. It's your basic 4" squares combined with 4" 4-patch blocks, all leftover from other projects. I still have a box of 4" squares, this barely made a dent.

It's almost too simple, but I really like it. I think the little boy it's destined for will like it too.

And now I'm off and running. My goal is to quilt another quilt today. Goals are good and all that.

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Deborah said...

They both look great. You're really getting lots done!