Monday, February 15, 2010

Just Hangin' Out

Our second son came for a visit over the weekend. We hadn't seen him since Christmas. At that time, he was beginning his apprenticeship as an iron worker, tying rebar. Every muscle ached, and he spent those two days bonding with every available heat pad.

Fast forward two months, and wow! His body has adjusted to the daily rigors, and every muscle shows just how demanding his job is. He was no stranger to physical activity, but this job has certainly given him definition. His arms are as sculpted as his legs - take a gander at that calf!

You, too, could have legs like this - if you danced on rebar carrying this, that, and the other thing, back and forth and back and forth from 7am-3:30pm, five days a week. whew!! Makes me tired just to think of it!!

Oh, and back to the valentine. Deborah asked how long we've been married...if I do the math correctly, it will be 29 years in June. I guess that's right, because the "kids" are 27, 25, almost 23 and 20. I come by my grey hairs naturally. :)

Finally, a NotMyCat update: He disappeared on Friday, but returned on Sunday. I can't believe I missed him!! He's still sleeping on the patio, and he's been the first one to greet me in the morning, looking for some breakfast. I guess I'll just have to take him to the vet (one who does not specialize in cows) and get him checked out. crazy. I don't need another cat... ;)

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Deborah said...

Impressive muscles! I wondered about how long you'd been married because the photo reminded me of my wedding pics (30 years this coming October). Thanks for the update on NotMyCat.