Friday, February 19, 2010

This n That

I've been busy. It's been one of those weeks when I can't really say I've done anything of note, certainly not much worthy of recording, but I miss you. I hope you miss me. And so, I will catch you up on what we've been doing.

First, I received this fantastic thank you card in the mail. I absolutely love it!!! Remember the Foggy Day Cow Quilt? Wendy waited for a foggy day, then took this picture of their cows, in the fog, with the quilt. How awesome is that?!!! She assures me that the quilt was placed on a towel and the curious cows were shooed away. (That's why all you see are their backsides.) :)

On Wednesday, the Fresno Metropolitan Museum put everything but its art collection on the auction block. My son and I were there.

It was amazing to see what people wanted and what they did not. Lots of chairs and tables went for $1000's. Used laptops sold for $100's. So did used iPod nanos. Other things, that I thought were very cool - like the Dr. Seuss wall panels - sold for $75 for the lot. Crazy.

My son had his eye on one thing. He must have been the only Electrical Engineer in the crowd. $300? $200? $100? $75? SOLD! For $75!!

He came home with a Laser Light Show. I wasn't sure what it was, but it sounded pretty cool. It was originally mounted on this huge rolling base - see the auction number on the black pole? (Sorry about the clutter. My engineers collect more things to tinker with than I do fabric.)

By the time I took the pictures, he'd already removed the light show from the base. He had that done within about 15 minutes of arriving home. Here it is:

It doesn't look like much, but the precision mirrors are VERY pricey. They are the two silver things to the lower left of the photo. They are attached to motors, which allow them to vibrate and direct the laser for the light show. He's having great fun with it. And yes, he has experience working with lasers, so he is well-versed in laser protocol. He promised not to burn anything. "The laser is not that powerful, Mom!" Alright. Just checking.

Yesterday I took a photo of the one large quilt I finished last year. I finally got my entries in for the quilt show. If you've thought about entering, now is the time to put those thoughts into action. The entry deadline is a February 25 postmark. For more information, please visit our website.

"I Love Leftovers"
66" x 90"
Suzanne Kistler 2009

NotMyCat is still hanging around. He's been the first one to greet me every morning, looking for some breakfast. Edgar and Charlie alternately ignore him and hassle him. He is very regal, and rarely responds to aggression. He simply moves out of their way. Edgar is very proud as he stalks NotMyCat. NotMyCat patiently leaves the back and goes around front and goes for a stroll, as Edgar practices his tracking skills, slinking along the ground, following him from a distance.

Malcolm also thinks he wants to get in on the action. A piece of glass makes Malcolm very brave. Can't you just read their minds? Malcolm is thinking, "Let me at him! I can take him! I'm the man." And NotMyCat is thinking, "Is this some kind of joke? Seriously. He doesn't even have claws! Sheesh!"

NotMyCat will be visiting the vet today, just to be sure he's not carrying any diseases. He doesn't look or act diseased, other than some periodic sneezes, but if he's going to keep hanging around, I should probably have him checked out.

And no, he is NOT my cat!!! :)

That's all for now...

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