Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This n That

Our youngest son came home for the summer, bearing gifts. cough, cough. He's been sick for weeks (months?), but hasn't had the time to get to the doctor. It's been a bit of a concern, but he's been going to work (internship), and seems to be plugging along.

Apparently he's contagious. cough, cough.

Guess who caught it? cough, choke. Time to lie low and finish my Hoffman.

I've finished much of this quilting...

And have moved along to this quilting:

Funny thing, I hadn't planned to quilt this part, so the quilting is taking longer than anticipated. Or maybe I'm just dragging a bit.

To break things up, I can look outside at our happy new front yard.

You may remember the massive overhaul we did during the winter, since I blogged about it here. (There were a few other posts as well. For an overview click the "front yard redo" label on the sidebar.) Now that Spring has sprung and so has summer, there's something to see. Our neighbors are VERY happy with the transformation...(click on the picture for a close-up).

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