Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bus Trip!

On Friday morning, I got up at 4:40am. Why, oh why, would I do such a thing? Ahh, I was lured by promises of a day at the Long Beach Quilt Festival, that is why.

We'd already been on the bus for 45 minutes when we saw this...

That's right. We were up before Mr. Sun.

The bus ride itself was not a joy, and it had nothing to do with the people. Let's just say that what took a "mere" 9 hours of travel (to + from) the past two years took over 12 hours this year. That's a bite out of my day, and a Big Bite out of show time.

We did eventually arrive, and we did see things.

The first thing I saw (I was looking for the "Celebrate Spring" exhibit) was this couple taking a photo of my quilt. "Excuse me...may I take a photo of you taking a photo?" They laughed a lot but agreed. I didn't tell them I was going to post them online!! :)

I found my friend Lisa, who informed me that my Hoffman was also on display. Really? I had no idea!!

It turns out that I did not take many pictures at all. In fact, because of the "no photograph" signs on various exhibits, I only took pictures of one creation besides my own. It was this pineapple.

I even photographed its sign!! (Del, this is for you. I'm trying to be good about naming the quiltmaker!)

The things that caught my eye again and again and again were color, line, and texture. Texture seems to be the biggie right now with me. The quilts I wanted to touch (but didn't - I'm a good girl!) were the ones that had marvelous quilting or embellishments or fabric manipulation. I continue to be surprised by what I like. It is very different from what I actually do.

I mentioned Lisa, and for some reason this is the only picture I have of her.

At 3pm, she gave a lecture on Sacred Threads, a biennial quilt show which showcases quilts that are spiritual in nature. Lisa is the new Co-Chair of Sacred Threads, and her lecture shared some of the work from the 2009 show. Because I was going to be there, she asked me to bring some of my quilts along for a short "in the fabric" show and tell. I brought "The Light Shines in the Darkness," "Think Before You Speak," and "We Have Seen His Star: Wise Men Still Seek Him" to share the limelight. (The latter two quilts were part of the 2007 show.)

It was both humbling and heart-pounding to have 5 quilts displayed (albeit 3 were only for a brief period of time) at Long Beach. It is truly a dream come true, one that I have dreamed of for years.

The dream ended, and it was back on the bus for the 7 hour ride home - wild fire on the Grapevine, among other things - and I was home at 11:59. My coach is again a pumpkin, and reality has returned.

Charlie seems to have captured today perfectly - I'm very tired, I'm very hot, and I think I'll just put all feet in the air and play dead...

Sweet dreams, Charlie. Sometimes they do come true!!!

Tomorrow, I shall share pictures of my "wee" bit of shopping... :)


Angie said...

Wow - it looks like you had a great time :)

Lisa Ellis said...

The day was fabulous for me. I enjoyed walking the quilts with you and sharing our Sacred Threads pieces together!

Anonymous said...

A huge congratulations for all your involvements in the show.
I figure I'll never get to go to that show because it's during my anniversary.