Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Quilting Interlude

I took a hand-quilting and an applique project along for the trip, but neither saw much hand time. One evening I had an hour or so, so I began making replacement eyes for this year-old Charlie block. Eventually I replaced his eyes. Yesterday I began a second surgery on Green Charlie. Here he is, halfway through the process.

My husband says he likes the old eye better. hmmm.

Remember the stack of fabrics and subsequent cut strips that I teased you with before I disappeared? I added the last border yesterday. It is "Stone Mosaic," from Quick Diamond Quilts & Beyond, by Jan Krentz.

I'm not much for following patterns, but this one was fascinating. It is completely different from anything I've done before. I like the finished quilt, although I had no idea it would look like this. I think I would have altered fabric placement, with more hibiscus and less water, but on the whole? Not bad. One more thing to add to my "needs quilting" list...

Finally, yesterday, I grabbed some of the scraps and put together this little thank you card. It's nothing spectacular, but I like the way the dark greys make the turquoise pop. The orange border makes me smile, as do the little fishies, swimming across the top.

That's all I've got for you for now. I've gone back to beading my whitewater quilt. It will be weeks (months?) before I finish. *sigh* But I love the results, so I need to remain diligent.

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Vicki W said...

Stone Mosaic is very cool. I'll have to check that book out.