Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival

Did you miss me? As you may have guessed, I went silent because I was out of town. No sense announcing to the world that my baby (20) would be home alone... ;)

Our destination? First, Albuquerque, NM, for the AABP Conference. For those of you out of the loop, that's the American Association of Bovine Practitioners. It's cows, cows, cows, and more cows. We were there for two days.

We flew from Albuquerque to Denver, CO, then drove to Loveland. Our destination? The Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival. This is where they debut the entire Hoffman Challenge traveling collection, and I thought it would be fun to see it again in its entirety.

My husband came with me on the first day, and took a gander at the quilts. I'm usually not much of a picture taker at quilt shows, but I thought it would be fun to share the entries of some of the people that I know read this blog.

Right up front we came to this quilt, by Sharon L. Schlotzhauer of Colorado Springs, CO:

She won a first place with her quilt, "Little Wild Flowers," in the Mixed Technique category.

As we wandered down the aisle, this quilt caught my eye. Chard? Is it chard? It's "Asian Jade."

Imagine my surprise when I read the tag and saw that it was made by Kay Pennington, of Bakersfield, CA. I know her! Kay, I love your quilt!!

Directly below Kay's quilt was...Kay's quilt! I had seen "Geometry in Bloom" on Kay-from-Indiana's blog, which you can visit here...

I turned 90 degrees, and bumped into Kristin's quilt! Kristin Eilers is a local quilter from Lemoore. I know her! Her quilt is called "Tide Pool's Edge."

It took some looking, but we finally rounded the corner and found my little quilt. When we took the picture, people thought my quilt was the lady. No, it's the little quilt with turtles hanging below the lady...

Pete seemed to like looking at the quilts, but he really perked up when he found the cows...

On Saturday, we visited Estes Park, CO, and entered the Rocky Mountain National Park. On Sunday, I was back at the quilt show, to do my shopping. Here's my quilt loot:

I've purchased hand-dyed silk velvet, a "velvet beading pad," and little orange fish beads from the Bead Ranch; a cone of So Fine from the Hobbs vendor, Sulky thread from Sulky, snowflake buttons from Jillions of Buttons, and some photo transfer paper from the Kaleidoscope people.

Although I bought other things, (I forgot to include the clothesline from Vogie, for making baskets), there wasn't much that called my name. Maybe that's because I'd found New Mexico Bead and Fetish in Albuquerque.

As you can see, I found several versions and sizes of heishi. There are fish, hummingbird and bear fetish (es?) in the bag, a bag of heart-shaped abalone buttons, a bag of silver-plated round beads, a string of white mystery (glass? stone?) beads, and a string of very nice shells. I don't have plans for them yet, but they all looked like they will be very useful.

And that's about it for RMQF. I have tons of pictures of other things, but I think I'll save them for another day. Hope you enjoyed the show!


Loris said...

I love cows. I'm glad they have practitioners :-) Keep them healthy!
Lovely quilt show. Thanks for the pics.

Nina-Marie said...

Oh Did you buy some cows for Tessa?? LOL!! You know I didn't even see the turtles in your little quilt - I love that one. Thanks for taking some pics though - I've never gotten to see that exhibit so it was a treat!

Lisa Ellis said...

Love the pictures. Thanks for posting! Your turtles look very nice and in good company.

Kay said...

Thanks for showing my quilt, and the others! The variety always amazes me. Love that chard and the tide pool one quilt--how clever. Your turtles look wonderful too--as Lisa says, in good company.

Deborah said...

Welcome back! Great pictures. Sounds like you had a good time. Estes Park is one of my favorite places although I was only there once and it was a verrry lonng time ago.

quiltedtime said...

In regards to my Asian Jade quilt: Uh--no it's not chard. It is Chinese cabbage--commonly called Bok Choy. These two plants were growing in my garden years ago and were so pretty that I sat down next to them and painted a watercolor. With Hoffman's theme being Asian this year, I decided to convert the watercolor to an applique wall hanging.