Friday, August 27, 2010

A Tiskit, a Tasket...

Ta Da!!

With a list as long as Santa's, I decided to ignore everything on it and make a basket. Call me crazy. :) I had all sorts of clean-up cuts piling up, and it was time to get rid of them. Instead of sewing them together, I wrap them around clothesline and start making baskets.

I never know what I'm going to end up with, but as long as the colors like each other in a pile, they seem to like each other when they are sewn together.

I haven't cleared off any more space on my sewing table, but I have cleared out a bit of one drawer.

Now I can shuffle things from the sewing table to the drawer. hahahahaha (maniacal laugh...)

Perhaps tomorrow I will be able to churn out something from my list. I've entered unfinished work in the County Fair, and it needs to be finished and delivered by 6pm September 3. yep. I should have my head examined. I've got 1.5 quilts to quilt and bind, and I can probably guarantee that the rafting quilt will not be beaded in the coming week. oh well. Goals are good, and I've set some doozies!

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Deborah said...

The basket looks great! Good luck with your goals. Sometimes a little pressure is motivating.