Monday, August 9, 2010

Two More Cards

I put two more cards in the mail today. They are fairly simple. They are for men. I did not think they would go for froo froo.
The first was simply strips of red with two rows of gold/black beads and a free-motion sentiment.

The second was done with my embroidery machine. I free-motioned the signature and sewed on a button. (The blue mosaic background is a patio table.)

And that's the scoop around here.

Perhaps you'd like a Dyson update?

I've discovered that it is heavy (compared to the Oreck), it does not have a light in front (Oreck does), the cord is too short, and the attached hose/wand is awkward to say the least. HOWEVER, I vacuumed the living room yesterday, and it sucked up as much cat hair as it did the first time I used it. That sucking power is why I bought it and why I use it. It is AMAZING. I can live with its insufficiencies, because the cat hair removal more than makes up for them.

The End

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Loris said...

Love the quilt postcards. They will be enjoyed !
I have similar feelings about my Dyson. I think some of the weight of pushing it around is actually the suction. I find the attachment hose kind of a bad joke at times but use it anyway because it cleans better than my other expensive! vacuum. Amazing but with 5 animals in my house...I have almost as many vacuums.