Friday, January 14, 2011

A Few Animal Pics and a Goal Update

Yesterday, when I got together with the Itty Bitties, there was a lap bandit in residence. Hey! That's my lap! I don't share! She didn't believe me, until I took her picture. That's when she took off. She did not return. :)

I thought you might like some animal updates, with before and after pictures of the animals at the walnuts.

First we've got Chupa. On her first day at the house, this was how she looked. She wasn't sure she wanted to be there. Notice her ribs.

With our boy, she's been fed and bathed and spayed and, well, this is what she now looks like.

Despite her kidney failure, she is probably feeling better than she's felt in years. We're off to the store to get some Science Diet k/d, which should help her continue to feel much better.

Today I noticed that she is missing all of her bottom teeth between her canines. No wonder food sprays in every direction when she eats.

Mr. Cat was in residence when we took possession. No one knew where he came from. He was lithe and lean and VERY attentive.

This is the same cat. He's looking a tad...plumper. He didn't get his breakfast this morning, so he had to catch a mouse. It's only the second one in 6 weeks. Now he catches just enough to keep in practice, rather than enough to stay alive.

Can you believe this? Mr. Cat thinks this is his house! He marches right in, as though he owns the place. Maybe he did. He's a sneaky one, and falls asleep in corners where he is easily overlooked.

The other thing this post title promises is a goal update.

1) Bead at least 2 sessions/week. I beaded last night, and have some beading I need to do tonight.
2) Finish "The Flower Fades." I quilted on this about an hour today, and am going to give it all I've got tomorrow. I hit a snag on this one, when I couldn't find my littlest thimble. My fingers shrink in the winter-time. I bought an interim thimble (not Roxanne's) so that I can get back to work.
3) machine satin stitch quilt...hasn't happened at all.
4) finish "this is a quilt" piece for SAQA. This is what I've been beading. It's quilted and bound and most of the embellishment is finished. I'm going to have to reread the rules. If there's no prohibition against publishing, I'll post a picture of the finished entry some time this weekend.
5) tidy up studio. haha. My husband came in and said, "Oh my goodness!! It's so CLEAN in here!!" He was grinning from ear to ear, until I told him that everything that had been relocated - to the twin bed in the bedroom across the hall. The grin disappeared from his face, and appeared on mine. :)

Actually, having everything in the other room has helped me to organize and the piles are diminishing. Goals are good. I'm really hoping that by the time I hit January 31, I will be able to say that I've accomplished, or attempted to accomplish all 5 on my list. yay!

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