Monday, January 10, 2011

First 2011 Finish

What?!! What are you looking at?!! It's mine, and I caught it fair and square!!!

Charlie's not much of a hunter. In fact, other than catching the ducklings last summer? I'd say he's been a total bust in the hunting department. Until December, when he decided to hunt the Christmas tree. This is his prize: a fuzzy bear. He's been hiding it behind the TV, pulling it out to maul when the urge hits him. It hits about every 8 days. For the most part, he'd rather be sleeping.

In contrast, on Saturday, Edgar left a dead gopher on the doorstep. I thought I'd spare you the visuals, but it was 7" from nose to bottom, with another 3" of tail beyond that. Good job, Edgar! You're the man!!

But you're not wondering about the cats and their hunting prowess, you're wondering about that first finish. I can hear you asking, through the internet. "Which January goal did she meet? How did she meet it so quickly?"

haha, yeah, right. Like I make a list and then work on it. You don't know me so well, do you? ;)

The list was considered for the 50 minute sewing window that popped up on Sunday afternoon, but none of the items on it would make much progress in that time slot, particularly because I knew I had company coming and was certain to remember something else that I should be doing.

So, I picked up a UFO that I worked on at Retreat. I'd abandoned it, because I didn't know what to quilt in the busy background behind the boys. I still don't know. But I thought, "WHY do I have to quilt anything? It looks fine just as it is." Instead, I slapped a binding on it and called it "finished."

Woohoo!!! This was begun in...drum roll please...probably 1997. It was one of two blocks that were intended to be part of a 12 block memory quilt from our 1996 trip to the UK. In '09, I realized that the quilt was never going to happen (yeah, I'm a bit slow in the realization department), so I turned the first block into a quilt. I've got a picture of it here.

Now I've got a pair. This is the penguin parade, at the Edinburgh Zoo. In the background are L to R: Andrew, Daniel and Adam. After making Adam's head, I thought that one was more than enough. Besides, it's about the penguins, not the boys. :)

"Penguins on Parade"
20" x 16-5/8"
Suzanne Kistler 2011

whew! I feel like I'm off to a great start now, in 2011. One less thing on my UFO list.

At least I thought there was. And then, when I was searching for the post with the other block-turned-quilt, I stumbled across a post from Asilomar, 2009. shoot. I thought I had one project from that class to finish, but I've actually got about 5 other smaller pieces that could also use some finishing. groan. They're not on the list. Maybe I'll just leave them in the box and pretend I don't remember them. Goals are good!! ;)


Deborah said...

Looks perfect just the way it is! I love the penguins!

gail said...

I think the penguins look great! And you did finish something at least a goal completed even if you found more!! Just makes a longer list on the bottom, top of the list looks good though!! Enjoy your day, love your blog.

Barbara said...

Your cat left you a nice gift to thank you for everything you do. We had a cat that did it - it was gross (especially when you step on it on your way to work) but I know it was her way of saying thanks.

Even without the heads on the other boys you can really tell that there is a big brother and a bigger brother with the little one. Amazing what our eyes will see even when it's not really there.