Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Out with the old, in with the new! woohoo!!

My 2010 UFO list had 44 items on it. My 2011 UFO list has but 37. I don't think I've added any new items to the list, although it's possible. That's a significant decrease, one that has me smiling. I actually made a dent! woohoo!!

How did I make that dent? I made it by finishing the following:

  1. Foggy Day Cow Quilt
  2. Leftover 4-patch block baby quilt
  3. Green tropical Double 4-patch baby quilt
  4. Green cow print Double 4-patch baby quilt
  5. Primary color flowers Double 4-patch baby quilt
  6. Leftover Double 4-patch baby quilt
  7. Through the Waters - (Ruth McDowell rafting quilt) - I'm still working on the beading
  8. Lady Bug Double 4-patch baby quilt
  9. Buzz - NotMyCat wallhanging
  10. 2010 Hoffman Challenge – Tahitian Tradition Ti Fai Fai
  11. Tropical Stone MosaicQuilt
  12. Fish Dance Quilt
  13. Iris Fabric baby quilt
  14. Self-Portrait: Laid Bare
  15. Ice Storm Icicle
I also made/sent out 40 quilted cards. Sixteen were made for Christmas. I made one more card yesterday, when I was cleaning up the Studio. It was one on which I'd misspelled "birthday."

I hadn't wanted to throw it away, so I sliced it up and sewed it back together. I then added a cow button to hide the most obvious problem. I'm not sure why it's so badly distorted, but it's better than it was...Now it just needs some lettering...

I also made 6 baskets in 2010, sewing together the last one yesterday, in my attempt to clean up the Studio. The clothesline was already wrapped, all I had to do was sew it together. Here it is, as seen with a cat model. :)

And there we go, that's a wrap.

The house is a disaster, I have much cleaning to do. But, if all goes as planned, 2011 will be one that sees some serious organization around here. After all, now we have the walnut house. No more throwing up my hands and saying, "I have no place to put anything!!" ;)

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Anonymous said...

Suzanne! I haven't visited your blog in months, but remembered to do so tonight!
On the subject of UFO's - this weekend as I was cleaning up Christmas and thinking about New Years resolutions, I was wondering about how freeing it would be to live without 50 UFO's "hanging over my head." Will I ever really make all those quilts? (I plan on it!)
On the other hand, I can't imagine life without knowing there is an exciting project to get to as soon as you have an hour!
Do you think we should live this way?

Your friend in Escondido, Brenda