Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kitty Catch-Up

It's been a while since I've devoted an entire post to the cats, but the events of the past few days have brought them to the forefront.

You remember Charlie and his tail, right? It's nicely healed, although still a bit tender if you rub the bones. The fur is finally beginning to grow back. The funniest thing is that it almost looks like it's growing in grey. Maybe it's just the undercoat that I see. He's not much for posing.

But Charlie hasn't been the focus of attention these past few days. It's been Edgar. Yesterday I took him to the vet for pain and fever, and he was diagnosed with a cat bite. He got a mega-dose of antibiotic, but by this morning, the bite had begun forming into an abscess. ew.

I couldn't get a picture, but it's right there, on his sternum, between his front legs.

Here's Winter Edgar. He's once again sporting his amazing mane. He knows he looks good. He even winked at me!

I was on the floor, trying to get a good picture. Charlie was also there. He's not winking, he's falling asleep.

Malcolm was in the observation deck...

...until he realized I was taking pictures. Take my picture, not theirs!

Yep. He upstaged Edgar (who is still winking),

And Charlie (who is still napping).

Once Pete came home, we discussed Edgar's problem. I'd talked to the cat vet (Pete's a cow vet), and she'd given me the option of surgery or home treatment. Because it had grown bigger than a ping pong ball over the past several hours, we decided to compromise with a bit of kitchen table surgery.

We drugged Edgar and drained some of the fluid off the swelling. It didn't take long, and hopefully we've helped him. The biggest issue was to clip his fur away from the wound. I didn't take pictures. He'd be embarrassed for anyone to see the trimming of his gorgeous fur coat.

Here he is as he's trying to regain his bearings. Neither Malcolm nor Charlie is sure what happened, but they're going to keep an eye on him.

yep. Look at those eyes. He's still stoned.

That's been our excitement around here. I've moved him to the bathroom to sleep it off in peace. Hopefully he will be able to reach his boo-boo and keep it clean, just like Charlie. He is not very happy about being housebound. He'd much rather be outside climbing trees and raising a ruckus. Maybe by this time next week he'll be his old self.

I know he was feeling pretty perky this morning - he sat on my chest, purring, and licking my nose. Somehow I have the feeling that after the events of this evening, there won't be any nose-licking tomorrow morning. Poor little guy.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll have something quiltie to post. Until then...


Kay said...

I'm glad the tail is getting better, and too bad about the cat bite abscess. We had a cat who got several of those, until we finally had him fixed. He fought no more!

Our two cats have reached a fairly friendly stage.

gail said...

They are all so beautiful!! hope they continue to do well.