Friday, January 7, 2011

A Kitty's Tail...

It occurs to me that it's been about 6 weeks since Thanksgiving. At that time we left town for 48 hours, and returned to find Charlie nursing sores on his tail. He was VERY protective of his wounds, and would not allow us to investigate. He kept them very clean, he didn't seem to be in pain or have a fever, so we just kept an eye on him and waited for him to heal

He eventually did.

Sort of.

His sores have healed, and once they had, I examined his tail. "MROW!!" He was NOT pleased. It looks like he not only scraped his tail at the base, I think he broke it. There are lumps on the bone - probably signs of healing - but it seems to be in place. His tail doesn't bother him, unless I touch it at that particular spot.

Some of the fur grew back, but not all.

This is what he looks like now:

He walks along with his tail held high... it looks just like an ostrich plume. Here he is from another angle. What looks like a grey shadow is actually his tail skin. It couldn't be more pronounced if we had plucked him purposefully.

Charlie's brother Edgar has taken a liking to APK. He enjoys being a shoulder cat, and can often be seen on his perch. It's quite entertaining, to see APK being mistaken for a chair. Edgar doesn't seem to care in the least. If he can be up high, he can really keep an eye on everyone.

In other news, the Best of the Valley website is back up and running.

In fact, it's got some new updates. If you're interested in our Featured Artist or 2011 vendor list, it's right there at your finger tips. I should probably update the home page soon, but I know you're more interested in the entry form and entry guidelines than you are in hearing from me.

I hope you're at work on your entry. If it's already done, you can submit it today!!

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