Thursday, January 20, 2011

Old Ice

Thank you all, so much, for the positive feedback on my little SAQA piece.

I am happy to report that it actually arrived at its destination, with ample time to spare. That's a first for me - to get something there without totally stressing the shipping deadline. It helped that when I addressed the box I discovered I was shipping it within CA. For some reason I thought it was headed to the East Coast.

I don't know if you missed me the past couple of days, but I've been out of town. I was in Ontario, where they were preparing for Road to CA, which opened today.

I was excited to see the Ice Storm already in place.

Remember my icicle? The one that inspired the recently completed SAQA piece? Here it is, on the left, in all its glory.

As you can see, the entire atrium is filled with icicles. You see them as you enter the convention center. The show is behind the wall with the "A" on it. Actually, when this picture was taken, the show was not yet hung.

The show opened today, and tomorrow morning I will board a bus at 6am, to return to Ontario and see ALL of the quilts and visit many of the vendors. I hope to remember to take pictures. There is one quilt in particular that mesmerized me, so I promise to take a picture of that one. And I will do my best to keep track of each and every maker.

That's all for now. I'd better get to bed, because if I have to get up, 5am is going to come earlier than usual...

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