Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thimble Towne 3.0

Good news for Visalia! Though our local quilt store owners decided to retire and move to Colorado, Jeremy was there to save it!

What? Huh? Old news? Well, okay, so maybe the transition was made on November 1, but yesterday was the ribbon-cutting/grand opening ceremony, and today it was party on, all day long!

I stopped by at 4pm yesterday (and forgot my camera!) and experienced my first Ribbon Cutting. (psst! guess what?! Those big scissors? They're fake. Jeremy used little scissors, behind the big ones, to do the job.)

I didn't stay for dinner, but I heard rave reviews. "Come back tomorrow for lunch!" Seriously? I might just do that.

And so I did.

We got there in time for the 12:30 drawing. They had a drawing every hour, on the half, must be present to win. Here is the first one we witnessed. boo hoo. He didn't pick me. :( (That's Jeremy, in the black with the basket.)

I did some shopping, I should have taken a picture of the yummy bag of batiks and assorted fabrics that I brought home. Here, hang on just a minute... The oranges and the purple really light my fire. :)

We were 20 minutes away from the next drawing, so we took him up on his offer for lunch. The next drawing came and went, and he didn't call my name. boo hoo.

I'll just sit by the phone at 4:30, because it's not necessary to be present to win the Grand Prize. I can't wait to sit in my winning Horn quilting chair. Call me, Jeremy, I'm waiting. ;)

And there you go. Thimble Towne is still in business, and is still located within walking distance of my home. It's a happening place, and I am one lucky quilter. Welcome to Visalia, Jeremy!!

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