Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Use For Red

I've been trying to finish my "Flower Fades" quilt. As with last week, "all I have left are binding and the dimensional applique." This is what the flowers looked like, before I began messing with them.

Perhaps I should have used extra batting, but I didn't. I had to do something, to rescue the quilt from its two dimensions.

I turned to the reds.

I basted around the edge of the piecework, then zig-zag-basted across the body of the piece. You may be able to see the stitching, if you click on the image.

Then I started pulling on the basting threads.

I'm trying to cover the original red quilted ruff with dimension.

Here it is, all pinned in place.

Here's another view.

It's taking a long time to sew it down, because not only am I sewing around the edges, but I am picking up each basting thread and sewing it in place. Hopefully by the time I make it around, the fabric will be secure. I suspect I will have to do some additional tacking, to be sure it stays put.

I've sewn about halfway around the first flower. My husband saw it, and asked, "Is that a flower?" yes. "Is it a coxcomb?" yes. "woohooo! I got it right!!" woohoo! He got it right.

Maybe that's because every year for the past 20 years I've been planting coxcomb from seed. Every year I have a crop of beauties like this:

My husband never asks about my quilts or quilting, and very rarely shows any interest in either.

Yet, every year I make him a valentine. This year's edition is already underway, made with leftovers. The heart is red velvet, from Adam's' Santa suit.

2011 valentine, in progress. Measures 6" square

And since we're in the season of love, I thought I'd show you this photo. From l to r we've got Malcolm, Edgar, and Charlie. If I thought my house was cold, they proved me right. Why else would they be so piled on top of each other?

Malcolm hasn't been feeling very well lately, but I guess when you've put almost 11 years with his kind of mileage on a cat, he has a right to feel poorly.

And that's what I've got for now. I have a quilt-for-hire awaiting my attention, a valentine to finish, and some more tacking down of dimensional applique to do before the day is done. Enjoy your weekend!!


Deborah said...

I love how your flowers are dimensional and the photo of the kitties together!

Kay said...

I knew it was a coxcomb! Very clever. You may have invented a new technique.