Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back to the Studio

The hiatus has been too long, let me tell you. I haven't finished cleaning up quilt show details, but I've done enough that I could justify some quality sewing time. Quality time, not necessarily quality sewing... :)

My oldest little sister turned 50 this month. I finally made time to put together a card for her. It's actually yellows and honeyed colors, not the drab display set before you. I bought the wooden button at the quilt show, especially for her birthday card.

I also sat down and made my flower cards for the Postmarkd Art exchange. Let's hope they get delivered. I mailed my snowflake postcards last week, and haven't heard from a single addressee. Did they get to their destinations? Or did they not? I have no idea...

Here's the entire group. I pieced green strips for the background, then raw-edge appliqued the flowers. I then quilted some detail, then added orange highlights with a Fabrico marker. I was pleased to finish them in a single day, as my original idea was a bust.

Finally, I've begun posting some of the winners from Best of the Valley on the show's blog. If you're interested in seeing some beautiful quilts, click here.

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Barbara said...

Beautiful floral postcards - just in time for spring.