Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Snow...and Iris

Apparently Blogger thinks my snowflakes should be falling down...

It flipped both views of them. These are the postcards I made for a Postmarkd Art exchange. When I signed up, I thought I would have 6 months to accomplish my task. Instead, all cards are to be sent before April 30. Can you say, "Panic?" ;) My machine embroidered the snowflakes 6 weeks ago, I stitched the back/binding 3 weeks ago, and over the past 10 days (in sessions few and far between), I beaded them. Today I put them in the mail. The cost is 64 cents to mail a beaded, fabric postcard, just in case you are interested.

All of today has been spent packaging quilts and shipping. I've been to the post office twice, UPS once, and FedEx twice. It helps if you take the shipping address WITH you, along with the package.

And now, for today's floral interlude...

This may be the last iris variety this year, because I don't see any new colors sending up buds. I hope I'm wrong.

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