Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Family Pic

I love seeing our boys together. In high school, they were often mistaken for one another. Do you think it still happens? Without a dress code, their individuality has definitely emerged.

The picture was taken at the Davis Community Garden. Filled with many varieties of native plants, it's also the setting for several art pieces. I loved this mosaic-covered urn. If I ever find myself pursuing a second "hobby," mosaic work would definitely be in the running.

Quilt-wise, I've been working steadily on a quilt-for-hire. Yesterday I pieced a small project for myself, as well as began and finished a quilt-for-hire assignment and continued work on today's quilt. Two QFH's left, and then I'll be working on my own work. Goals are good!

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pb said...

I love the pot Mel just asked if the pic of your dad was my brother, Guysie. No Mel! Can you send me the picture of the pot. My paper piecing is more fun than I ever thought. I love what it does.