Thursday, June 23, 2011

This is a Quilt - Update

Remember last January? When I made a small "Ice" piece for the SAQA exhibit "This is a quilt"? And then I heard all...until I emailed and was told they would be unveiled at the May Visioning Conference in Denver?

Well today, the months of waiting paid off.

I received a bulk email, telling me that there are 7 traveling trunks, and they will be traveling through 2013. My quilt is in Trunk F, which is assigned to the "US, Mountain" region. If anyone lives there, and sees the collection, would you mind snapping a picture and sending it in my direction? I'd love to have a chance to see it, but who knows when or where that opportunity will arise.

Enjoy your travels, little quilt, I'm glad to hear that you finally have an itinerary!!

In other news, Penelope has THE nicest stroller I've ever seen. The only reason she refuses to smile is because she KNEW we were going to be rolling her to sleep, and sleep is her least favorite activity. If Sleep Avoidance were an Olympic competition, she would definitely be considered to be "in training." :) No! No! No sleep! I might MISS something!!!


Deborah said...

"ice" is a lovely piece. Penelope is growing so fast. What a serious expression!

Sara Kelly said...

I had faith SAQA would come through for you. Now many many people will be able to enjoy Ice in person.

pb said...

Not an artist uh? Sorry don't buy that remark. That is the cutest expression ever (Miss Penelope). Cathryn never slept either and did not like clothes on at all. Remembering Charlotte up driving her around for 1/2 the night.