Thursday, September 29, 2011

Down With the House!

I think I mentioned that we're hoping to do a remodel out at the walnuts during the coming months. I've been wanting this since Day 1, the day that I opened the door to the second house.

As you approach the property from the west, there are two houses. The big house, and the original house.

This is the original house, viewed from the east. It looks nice enough, if you don't look too closely, but open the door? The mold and mildew stench will knock you to your knees. From the beginning I've been talking of bringing the house down. We're finally to the stage of drawing plans and waiting for a final bid. yay!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...or perhaps I should say in back of the ranch...The boys have put together this lovely deck. It is quite sturdy, and very level. It's delightful to sit out there, under the tree and check out the view. Simply lovely!

This is the best picture I've ever taken of Chupa. I used a zoom, as she gets up and runs away as soon as I get anywhere close. She's rapidly turning grey. I can see the changes almost every time I visit.

Finally, Mr. Cat is still hanging out. If I sit down, he climbs in my lap. The only problem with that is that he plays rough. He bites. A lot. And not in anger, it's just what he does. I think he also had a rough childhood. ;)

And now, I should head back to the Studio and see if I can accomplish something, anything, today. Have a good one!


Diana said...

Oh, Susie, thank you for the picture of Chupa. She is now the picture on my desktop.

Celebration of the life of St. Francis, patron of animals, is on the 4th of October. I'll offer a special prayer for her that day (and might even mention Mr. Cat).


Barbara Sindlinger said...

So do you plan on moving to one of the houses? How fun to start almost from scratch.

Did you get any sewing done today?

Deborah said...

Wonderful picture of Chupa. She has such a sweet face. I'm both she and Mr. Cat are now being treated kindly.